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Works by Tamara Staser-Meltzer
Era is pleased to present Goddess Is, a solo show by Tamara Staser-Meltzer, curated by. Meltzer's brilliant collage work repurposes glossy magazine pages in order to, as the curator of the show Cameron Jackson puts it, "paint directly with the beauty of the human (herself)." Images originally born from a hyper-commercialized society are reclaimed, interwoven and re-contextualized to create a multiplicity of symbolic and aesthetic value, ultimately achieving that which is beyond what any concept of value could measure. Meltzer draws from traditions of narrative and allegory in classical painting, political propaganda and religious iconography, attempting to provide an account of the present tense through a pastiche of our supersaturated visual vocabulary. Playful at times, the anthropological quality to Meltzer's work develops its own theories of literal associative understanding. These completely reborn images explore how memories and specifically visual associations sway the emphasis of meaning in storytelling.
Tamara Staser-Meltzer

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